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Post by Alistair on Mon Nov 07, 2016 6:15 pm

Maintenance 1.0
{ 11/7/2016 - Start: 4:05pm - End: 6:00pm CST }

New Features

Facebook Page
We now have a Facebook page for those who would like to contact us through there and to invite new members! Currently we are trying to update it with what information we have. Whenever our forum is down, you can now contact us through there.

Tumblr Page
I have updated the Tumblr page to spread word of the forum and to add another form of contact. We are still looking for a different theme at the moment.

Maintenance Page
We now have a customized maintenance page for when the admins have to close the site and update the current features or add new ones!

Birthday Messages!
For members who have entered their birthday; They will now receive a special birthday message on their birthday!

You get an emoticon, you get an emoticon, you all get emoticons! (Sorry, hah)

We have now added more emoticons to choose from, we are looking for more to put on!

Hello! Haha! ; ∀ ; Ugh.. Proud! Wink WHAT DID YOU SAY? Bear witch! FLEX THEM MUSCLES Shrug Degdeg 🌿 Currency

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