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Introduction of the Admin Empty Introduction of the Admin

Post by Alistair on Sun Nov 06, 2016 6:38 pm

Hello! My name is Alistair and I'm the current owner of this site. My name will change depending on who is fronting but the host goes by Ali/Fen most of the time. There is a person in the system named "Alistair", him and I are completely different people so, keep that in mind when he fronts. I list myself (host) as Shane when I am fronting but I prefer that people do not call me that. Please use He/Him when addressing me, thanks!

My kintypes are Elfkin and Demonkin. I have my system members listed on my Tumblr ( so I can easily show them to people. Each one of them has an introduction to them on there!

A year ago I started to experience shifts and started meditating, didn't really know much about Otherkin. Just from what I've learned from Tumblr which was just trolls making fun of it. I tossed Tumblr aside and learned most of my information from other websites that looked professional and legitimate.

I'm very interested in the arts, I love music and drawing a lot. I have a DeviantArt if anyone wants a link to it, just ask me.

Anyone who has any questions about the website, go to the Help Desk or send me a PM!

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