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Post by tentacleTherapist on Wed Nov 09, 2016 7:43 pm

I'm Max! I have plenty of fickin types, and my main regular kintype is angel, among other things.
I'm not quite sure what to say! My Tumblr is wravawiki for those curious.

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Post by Alistair on Wed Nov 09, 2016 10:35 pm

Welcome Max; I hope you enjoy the site and have the chance to meet and talk with other members! Proud!
If you'd like to join the Discord Chat (where most of us do our chatting) do not be afraid to ask if you are not already a member of the chat!

We do have a small checklist on what we'd like on introductions so we can get to know you better! - Shane


Kintype(s) / System Member(s)
Experience with Otherkinity / Systems
Trigger(s) (Optional)
Urls (Optional)

 ℓєт тнє fσяєѕт gυι∂є уσυ.

Aʀᴛɪsᴛ | Hᴇ/Hɪᴍ | Iɴғᴘ

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