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Post by purrfurnax on Sun Nov 06, 2016 8:02 pm

Name- purrfurnax, or you can also call me white
Pronouns- she, though when paar fronts, he
Kintype(s) / System Member(s) yellow feathered wyvern is a kintype, i sometimes have random headmates but the one who always stays is paarthurnax from skyrim
Experience with Otherkinity / Systems- about 2 years ago i started getting into dragons, i didnt know about otherkin but i started seeing myself more dragon than human, spiritually, started having phantom shifts and mental shifts, even dream shifts, then i learned about otherkin and it started making at least a little more sense, i finally had something to call it other than "dragon inside"
paar didnt come until less than a year ago, i thought i was fictionkin at first but i learned more about systems and he sounded more like a headmate
Interest(s) - dragons, horses, video games, art, reading, writing, baking
Trigger(s) (Optional)- animal abuse, those controversial "animals are lesser beings" arguments, just, dont say anything that would make an animal rights activist mad, please and thanks
Urls (Optional)- https://twitter.com/purrfurnax

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