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Post by Alistair on Sun Nov 06, 2016 12:21 pm

Make sure all rules are read and fully understood before making an introduction or posting anywhere on the threads.


• Respect all admins, moderators & members.
• Respect everyone’s pronouns, opinions and ideas.
• Small debate is welcome, but do not resort to fighting.
• Make an introduction before you start posting within the forums.
• Use decent grammar and spelling.
• Don’t ask to be a mod.
• Please keep things PG-13.


We will not tolerate trolls or harrassment, majorly incorrect grammar or those who do not know the basic terminology for the topics they decide to chat within.
We require all of the members of the site to use proper English grammar. This does not mean you have to have a degree in English, just make sure that native English speakers will be able to understand you and use correct punctuation.
We do not use pack ranking within the forum, but you are more than welcome to talk about your experiences.
Do not use this site as if it is a roleplay site, we are not roleplayers.
Do not use this site as if it is a dating site, we are not here to play match up.
One account per body. Do not make multiple accounts for system members. You have the option to list who is fronting and your system members on a shared account.
To those who are divinekin or deitykin, do not force people to worship you.
You do not have to be Otherkin or a System to talk within this forum, just make sure to state that you are not.


When we say that you must know the basic terms, we want you to know what Otherkin or being a system means. If you don't know the terms and claim to be Otherkin or a system it looks very bad on your reputation.

Here are some site to check out to learn the terminology if you do not already know it.
Terminology for Otherkin
Terminology for Otherkin Shifting
Terminology for Systems (Yes, I realize this is a Tumblr source but it was the only one that I could find that explained the terminology in a simple, easy to understand way.)
Types of Systems (Picture Link)


To those of you who are systems, please make sure that you make it known who is fronting either by a signature, form of typing or by editing the "Currently Fronting" feature. Thank you!


For an introduction post include:  
Kintype(s) / System Member(s)
Experience with Otherkinity / Systems
Trigger(s) (Optional)
Urls (Optional)


When you are warned, you will be warned once before being blocked / banned.
Do not beg to come back when we have decided to put down the banhammer.

This post is likely to change as the forum grows and becomes widely known. New rules can and will be implemented.

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