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Explanation of Leaves Empty Explanation of Leaves

Post by Alistair on Mon Nov 07, 2016 1:13 pm

What are leaves?

Leaves Explanation of Leaves Green10 will be a form of payment soon to be implimented on Kinsperiences.

How do I get leaves?

To get leaves you just have to be active on the forms!

Gaining a friend - Explanation of Leaves Green10 50
Gaining a profile message - Explanation of Leaves Green10 50
Daily log-in - Explanation of Leaves Green10 50
Per reply - Explanation of Leaves Green10 25
Per subject - Explanation of Leaves Green10 50

Can I buy leaves?

At the time that I am typing this, no. You cannot purchase leaves. There would be no reason to unless you just wanted them to look cool.
In that case, I suggest private messaging me and asking if you can donate. If you donate to this site then I will add leaves to your account.
Soon we will put options to buy badges and other site items with leaves but currently that is not an option.

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