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Maintenance 1.2 Empty Maintenance 1.2

Post by Alistair on Sat Nov 12, 2016 8:55 pm

Maintenance 1.2
{ 11/12/2016 - Start: 8:21pm - End: 9:00pm CST }

New Features

More Emoticons!

Blush  Blush 2  ; w ;  Disapproval!  UggGGh  Haha!!  Irritated  BlushBlush  Kitty!  Oh  TO THE LEFT TO THE L  TO THE RIGHT TO THE  QAQ!  TAT!  Kissy Kissy!  squish  Happy!  I DISAPPROVE!  Yes!  ZzZzZ

Coming Soon

The Gallery
Mobile Updates
Linked Discord and Chatroom
Secret Category Yes!

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